Bio-One can Help Clean Properties Bought, Sold and Inherited


Bio-One Can Help Clean Properties (Bought/Sold/Inherited/Vacant/Owned)

Whether you are a realtor, insurance appraiser, business owner, property owner or individual, we can help you more than you may realize.  We understand the types of messes left behind when a previous tenant or owner walks away from a property for good.  People do not always treat the premise with the care and upkeep it requires.  Once previous tenants or owners move out, an assessment must be made of the current condition prior to it being occupied/re-rented.


 At times new owners are left with hoarding masses, gross filth, feces and/or urine stains, mold, horrific odors from pets, tobacco, rotting foods, soiled items and more.  Sometimes even a tragedy occurs at a location where the owner of the property is left to handle the cleanup, including any blood or bodily fluids.  We can complete all these cleanup tasks and more!


Sometimes properties need just a simple cleaning because they have remained vacant for so long without any general maintenance upkeep.  We can provide the  simple deep clean/sanitation service of such a property.  Our specialized chemicals are stronger and more effective than over the counter cleaners.  In some instances, rodents will infiltrate vacant properties.  After their extermination, their feces/urine and sometimes dead carcasses are left to be cleaned up.  We can help with this also!


When a property has been affected by mold, Bio-One can help remediate it.  When a property has been overtaken by a homeless encampment, we can clean it up.  We can also remediate drug labs, sewage spills, tear gas events, remove medical waste/sharps and can help with many other unique situations.  We also would like to stress that our services are not limited to properties, but also vehicles. 


We always offer a free, no obligation, estimate.  We ask that you keep us in mind when you or your clients are forced to deal with any of these issues.  We are always a call away, 24/7. 

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