Bloodborne Pathogens

Some common types of bloodborne pathogens includer: malaria, syphilis, Hepatitis B & C, and HIV.


HIV and HBV can be found in other bodily fluids besides blood, such as:

·         Semen

·         Cerebrospinal Fluid

·         Saliva

·         Pleural Fluid

·         Any body fluid that is visibly contaminated with blood.


HIV and HBV are most likely to be contaminated through:

·         Puncture from contaminated glass, needles, or another sharp object

·         Contact with broken/damaged skin and infected body fluids


At Bio-One, our technicians continuously practice safety first. This means when we are on a job, we have full personal protective equipment on in order to ensure safety. Also, the chemicals being used to remediate the scene are used to kill any viruses that may be in or out of sight.



Not only is it very traumatic for a friend or family member to clean up a traumatic event such as a suicide or a crime scene, but it can potentially be very dangerous as well. We encourage you to reach out Bio-One, to ensure the scene is safely and properly remediated.