What Is Our Role As A Hoarding Specialist?


What Is Our Role As a Hoarding Specialist?

When hoarders (or their family members) take the first step toward obtaining a healthier living condition, many are confronted with the dilemma of handling the task themselves or hiring a hoarding specialist. A professional hoarder specialist such as Bio-One of Knoxville Metro, will work directly with the person suffering from the hoarding disorder as well as others attempting to help.  

Bio-One of Knoxville Metro is hired to ensure contents of the home are sorted, removed, and disposed of in a respectful and efficient manner. After the removal of items, the home itself must be evaluated and cleaned/repaired as needed.  Our highly trained technicians work intimately with the person suffering from hoarding disorder to offer support and guidance during the decluttering process, sometimes consulting a psychologist who specializes in HD (Hoarding Disorder).

Prior to the beginning of a job, there is discussion about special items, so that the person suffering from HD does not have to worry about valuables or keepsakes being displaced or accidentally thrown out during the cleaning process.  All objects in the home are categorized into groups where they can be easily sorted.

Getting treatment for hoarding is a two-step process. First, the psychological reasons for hoarding need to be addressed and then the decluttering and remediation can begin.  It is important to address the root causes so that a clean, safe environment may be maintained after we leave the premises.

Disposal of Special Items

Any items that could cause health risks, structural damage to the property, or attract unwanted animals and insects is discarded legally and in compliance with OSHA regulations.  This could include rotten food, spoiled boxes, containers, wrappers, soiled materials (china, apparel, used chemicals, etc.) and hazardous items.

During the biohazard cleaning process, all biohazards are also disposed of – especially if animal hoarding remediation is needed. Items contaminated by feces, urine, vomit, or other bodily fluids is either properly disposed of or deep cleaned by the hoarding specialists.

Support in the Donation Process

Bio-One of Knoxville Metro can also work with homeowners to pick a charitable cause that helps them and their family.  As soon as a charity or cause is chosen, items are sorted out to make sure donations are separate from significant items that should be kept in the home. Once the donations have been decided upon, we will arrange for transportation of the items to be donated in the name of the homeowner and their family.

Deep Cleaning & Sanitation

Once the organizing, sorting, and removal processes are complete, we will conduct  a deep cleaning and begin the sanitation process. This will ensure that the environment will be a safe living condition.  Any structural damage will have to be attended to also, prior to occupancy.

Bio-One of Knoxville Metro is a professional hoarding specialist.  We look forward to helping you. 


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